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Sunday, April 26, 2009

~city of water~

Hi y'all! I’m gonna talk bout one place that has been everyone's dream to go to. It’s Venice, or in Italian language, they call it Venezia...didn't you ever dream to go there? I used to, since I was young.

FYI, I love watching some channels in the ASTRO, like "travel and living", "national geography" and etc..etc…kind of intriguing for me. So, I’ve been seeing lots of beautiful places in the world through those channels. And for me, Venice was one of my favorite places and I aimed to go there one day.

It looks daydreaming still that I had been there for a while in euro trip last year. It’s so wonderful and I’ve got that fantastic feeling about this place because of its unique itself.

Venice is one of Italy's top travel cities and a beautiful, romantic destination with many attractions. Its small, traffic-free streets along the winding canals make for great walking. You'll find many magnificent churches and palaces, lively squares, and interesting shops. (the churches are rather creepier than I ever thought before..uuu~)

It’s actually consists of 117 bodies of land connected by more than 400 bridges over its 150 canals. The Grand Canal is like a main street, cutting through the center of the city. And Venice is also located in the northeast coast of Italy.

Since it's near the sea, Venice has moderate weather although there can be rain nearly year-round. Summers are humid and winters can be foggy and wet. To avoid the large crowds, spring and fall are the best seasons to visit. Well, I went there in the summer, no wonder there were too many people overcrowding the place.

The main public transport in Venice is the vaporetti, boats that ply the principal waterways. The #1 goes along the Grand Canal from the train station and makes many stops, so it’s a good way to cruise the main canal and get a good overview of the city. There are also more expensive water taxis and gondolas.

But one of the best things to do in Venice is to take some time wandering along the canals off the main tourist track. It’s more relaxing, especially when the zephyr blowing through the place. You’ll feel calm and wonder in beauty (oops! Haha)


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