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Sunday, April 26, 2009

~city of water~

Hi y'all! I’m gonna talk bout one place that has been everyone's dream to go to. It’s Venice, or in Italian language, they call it Venezia...didn't you ever dream to go there? I used to, since I was young.

FYI, I love watching some channels in the ASTRO, like "travel and living", "national geography" and etc..etc…kind of intriguing for me. So, I’ve been seeing lots of beautiful places in the world through those channels. And for me, Venice was one of my favorite places and I aimed to go there one day.

It looks daydreaming still that I had been there for a while in euro trip last year. It’s so wonderful and I’ve got that fantastic feeling about this place because of its unique itself.

Venice is one of Italy's top travel cities and a beautiful, romantic destination with many attractions. Its small, traffic-free streets along the winding canals make for great walking. You'll find many magnificent churches and palaces, lively squares, and interesting shops. (the churches are rather creepier than I ever thought before..uuu~)

It’s actually consists of 117 bodies of land connected by more than 400 bridges over its 150 canals. The Grand Canal is like a main street, cutting through the center of the city. And Venice is also located in the northeast coast of Italy.

Since it's near the sea, Venice has moderate weather although there can be rain nearly year-round. Summers are humid and winters can be foggy and wet. To avoid the large crowds, spring and fall are the best seasons to visit. Well, I went there in the summer, no wonder there were too many people overcrowding the place.

The main public transport in Venice is the vaporetti, boats that ply the principal waterways. The #1 goes along the Grand Canal from the train station and makes many stops, so it’s a good way to cruise the main canal and get a good overview of the city. There are also more expensive water taxis and gondolas.

But one of the best things to do in Venice is to take some time wandering along the canals off the main tourist track. It’s more relaxing, especially when the zephyr blowing through the place. You’ll feel calm and wonder in beauty (oops! Haha)

Monday, March 30, 2009

d@u$ the eldest..happy birthday!

Hello guys! You know what?!’s daus’ birthday!!! *rolling3*wink3* happy birthday d@u$!!! Happy sweet 20 n_n *blink3* (wah over pulak ni)
It was a simple birthday surprise but kinda exciting for me. And of course I was like a cheerleader last night (12 at midnight). Yea, bring it on! “Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to daus… happy birthday to you..” lalala~
Started with an ambush into his room, together with a delightful, sweet chocolate cake in my hand, there was a birthday song being played. And as soon as I came in, he’s got blushing over his face. (Hahaha padan muke!) Gotcha!

After that, as usual, he made his wish and then we ate the chocolate cake together, had some pillow talks and took some nice pics.

He’d never have a birthday surprise before, and so, he acted like a freaking boy, kept saying “maluu..malu..trharunye ak…” and covered his blink2 braces with hands *gegegegege*. All I could do was, burst into laughter. Har3… so funny la daus…

Anyway, it was my idea to make the surprise and it was Manje who chose the cake. Sweet, isn’t it? Huhuhu… so I consider it as our birthday present for him.

Whatever it is…it was wonderful. May God bless you and we hope your dreams will come true. Happy birthday daus! Heee~

Monday, March 23, 2009

jalan-jalan cari PeTra..

hi guys! last saturday i went to Petra for the first time i live in's one of the 7 wonders in the world instead of stonehenge in UK and pyramid Giza in special ha? together accompany with me: acad asmie cami afiq amad ali naqeb cd k usop acap and daus. we've played truant yesterday for the introduction of cardiovascular system(CVS) and we didn't regret it,seriously n_n . Then someone really did make a story about the doctor took the attendance and people who didn't come can't take the next exam.hey hey hey..r u kidding me?just one day laa.not a big deal.relax sudey!

we're just finished the hematolymphatic system(HLS) exam in the evening and right after the isya', we began the journey approximately at 9pm by cars. UNFORTUNATELY, not all of them(medic boys) wanted to join this trip coz they were reluctant to miss the intro and i wanna state their names here. They are S, Q, I, H, A, and many more...hahahha. lol!we've never been together in a trip except the umrah.don't ya think so? So, u guys better join us next time or else i hv 2 kill ya! nguah3...

...macho x? seseorg tuh mst suke.kui3...

...lolz!nak isi minyak jer pon...

...walk! walk! walk!...

To be honest, i'm not really interested having tour in Jordan coz there're only lots of rocks and sands and rubbish and unsophisticated places and the Jordanians like to cheat foreigners and many of them don't respect outsiders and they make this place not seems like a "bumi anbiya" and etc..etc..etc..but even it's so,it's still the place i'm living in until the final year.i must say that i regret it a lil bit.but then,i thought that it's gonna be cool and more exciting if i go traveling with lots of comrades.yea definitely,maybe or definitely maybe.especially when we rent a car, having such a good meal that we made ourselves(haha),got to talk something bad about arabs when we speak to each other in malay(haha again),got to go whenever we want and whatsoevernot. but the most important thing is having a great time together!so there goes the trip...huhu

...housmates: daus & manje...

...kind of yoga ?...

...afiq N being a!..

okay go back to the main was at night and we headed to amman 1st,dropped off at city mall for a while,bought some drinks and having midnite dinner there and right afterwards moved to Petra. i was lucky coz i just had to sit at the back, sleeping like a baby while Ali and Acad or whoever had to drive, got to stretch their eyes driving in the middle of the night without sleeping at all till morning.pity them,really(heee~). riding? 3jd...

i didn't notice that i've already reached there until i awakened.oh it's almost subuh and they parked the car in front of a mosque.the temperature was creepy cold. so i just kept myself in the car, cocooned in blanket, waiting lil minutes for others to wake up. then, we performed the subuh prayer in jamaah and rode away to the entrance of Petra. we took a breakfast before going in while waiting for the ticket counter to open up at 7am.

...kesian bdk ni,sebulan x mkn...

then, the very long-tiring-walking began as we bought the tickets and got ourselves inside the huge ancient world of Petra.huhuhu.what're so amazing 'bout this place actually? well, there are some kind of futuristic architecture built up by the mothernature and some of them by the ancient people of Nabateans. they made their home in the rocks and designed them like a mansion with tall crowned poles, a big doorway, well made roof and many more unique features appear on the walls. well, many tourists mesmerized as soon as they came there. yea, kinda amazing right, how the ancient people built such a beautiful architecture from the rocks with so many rooms inside without using any high-tech building instruments.

the sun was bright and it was getting hotter and hotter when it came to afternoon. we were walking from part to part until we were like dying exhausted. there were so many donkeys, some sleeping, some doing nothing, some just make stupid faces, some carrying goods and etc. (i don't like donkeys laa..suke berak merata2..abis jln2 penuh ngn taik). when it was 'bout near to 2pm, we were totally lethargic and had given up to walk even more. so, just drove ourselves back to the entrance and it's time to return home.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ziarah ke rumah anak2 yatim...

Salam smua. ni nak crite sket pasal ziarah ke umah ank2 yatim ari tuh. seronok sgt taw dpt jumpe adik/anak2..huhu,padahal x prnah jumpe pon sblom nk brkenalan kat situ. well first skali kami brkumpul d duwar qubah ramai2 tuk tunggu bas dtg. tp malangnya ahli2 ziarah sume pakat lmbat dtg dan telah diinformed bhw tepat pkl 430 mst dah ade kat duwar. so bese la kan masing2 org melayu,mmg janji melayu la jd nyer. yg si anas pulak kate pkl 415,sedangkn kami dpt mesej supaya kumpul 430.haa ape2 jer la kan,dah lepas pon mende tuh. kesian pakcik driver sbb awal2 lg dah dtg sbenanye,tp xde org pon die tgk,so die bla jer laa.jd,laen kali program ape2 dtg la awl2 ye kwn2..hehehe n_n anak dgn ayah.ngeh3.wif Rayyan...

sy pon xtaw la apsal cam excited gler ari tuh.maybe sbb sy ni suke beno kanak2.mereka sgt comel.dan smpai2 jer kat markaz aitam tuh,kami dsmbut dgn sgt baik.dan mule la operasi sy target bdk2 yg comel.haha.bdk2 tuh tgh maen bola sepak,lntas trus salam kami yg br smpai.dan sy pon cam trmalu2 or trkeser2 plak time tuh.hoho.
maka,djemput la smua nya masuk dlm dewan sbb lg pon dah nk maghrib. tentatif pertama ialah iftor brsame2.mkn maqlubah ayam.sodaaaaap.sblom msk wktu maghrib,maka sempat la kami ni brkenalan sesame adik2 br.wah seronoknya.yg lg best,bile bdk2 tuh pon dah suke kat sy.hehe.

...dr kiri:'ubaidah,'umar n me...

sy x bley duduk diam mase brkenalan ni.mcm2 la tanye kat bdk2 tuh.alaa bg soklan basic2 jer. lg pon sy x maashi lg 'arab 'ammi,tp boley la phm ape bdk2 tuh ckp(ye2 jer).ade sorg bdk ni,die cam excited gler nk brkenalan.namenye 'ubaidah.dan die la plg sporting kot kat situ.hihi.dan sy trlupe pulak yg plg bp thn bdk ni.kesian die hari tuh.he's got cough.agak trok jugak trutama time iftor.haih kesian bngat.kecik2 dpt batuk camtuh.
dan bdk2 len yg sy ingat, 'umar,'abdallah,..errr...sp lg sy lbeyh byk luangkan mase dgn 'umar,'abdallah,'ubaidah n rayyan jer sbenanye.(sounds like choosy kan).bkn ape,bdk2 laen cam senyap sket ble sy ckp ngn diorg,yg trsenarai d atas jer merespon lbey sket.hihi.yg len a lil bit not responding.kui3.

...wif 'abdallah.good boy...

ble dgr azan,iftor dgn kurma n air masak dlu,pastuh solat maghrib brjemaah.n then start la iftor dgn maqlubah.wlaupon sy x pose ari tuh(haha jujurnya),sy nk jugak join.huhu x malu nya.xpe, mrapatkn silaturaahim.x gtu?keh3.lps iftor,ade ucapan drpd penjaga umah ank yatim tuh,sdikit video presentation,dan plg sy suke,ade prsembahan drpd adik2.mcm2 nasyid diorg bwk.ade brtepuk2 tgn.mmg la sy akn join bab ni.huhu.trase cam diri ni plg mesra ari tuh.(perasan~)
ape2 pon,ziarah yg sgt mnyeronokkn bg sy,hopefully akn dbuat lg mase akn dtg. bdk2 dentist ble nk g? better y'all g taw.x susah pon nk buat ziarah mcm ni.just make the appoinment la ngn pihak markaz tuh.okay,finally smoga Allah merahmati segala usaha kami dlm mmbntu anak2 yatim ni dr segi sumbangn dan ape2 yg berkaitan dgn nya.thnx soo much kpd sape2 yg mngurus program ni ye. (^^)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

merindui kamu semua...

Terkenang kembali zaman-zaman sekolah menengah dahulu ketika saya masih lagi seperti budak hingusan dan masih mencari ke mana hala tujuan hidup ini. Di saat saya memerlukan pertolongan, sahabat-sahabat jua yang menjadi tempat rujukan dan panduan selain daripada guru-guru di sekolah.

Mulai menengah rendah lagi saya tinggal di asrama dan bagi saya siapalah lagi yang saya dapat luahkan perasaan dan masalah bersama kalau tidak dengan rakan-rakan.Oleh itu, pada hari ini suka untuk saya meluahkan rasa rindu kepada sahabat-sahabat seperjuangan terutamanya yang banyak membantu serta meluangkan masa bersama. Tidak lupa juga yang pernah sekelas dahulu.

Terngiang-ngiang di fikiran ini mengingati macam-macam kerenah kamu semua yang bagi saya menjadikan hidup ini lebih bermakna. Ada yang pahit, ada yang manis. Semua itu telah kita tempuh bersama.Saya dapat merasakan betapa pentingnya sesuatu persahabatan itu apabila sesuatu permasalahan itu timbul. Tatkala saya sedih, kalian memahami,tatkala saya marah,kalian menenangkan dan tatkala saya tertekan, kalianlah yang membuat saya tertawa.

Berbanyak terima kasih kerana sudi membantu dan menjadi sahabat yang sangat baik. Saya teringin sekali untuk bersama kamu semua lagi. Saya berharap suatu hari kita dapat bertemu dan meluangkan masa bersama seperti di sekolah dahulu. Akhir kata, sambutlah salam kerinduan daripada saya. Tidak kira di mana jua anda berada, saya tetap akan mengingati kalian. Saya sayang kamu semua.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

memori de paris...

Hi once again.pekaba smua? Ari ni sy nk brkongsi pengalaman d paris pulak. Slpas selesai terokai dunia spain,ktorg ke paris pulak. Naek night mmg tido jer dlm train.smpai2 kat paris da siang. Actually x lame jugak kat paris ni. Sempat ler beberape tmpat tuk dilawati. For example like Eiffel tower, arch de puerta, around city centre, masjid paris etc..seharian jugak ktorg brjln sekitar paris ni. Smpai la mlm ktorg nk gerak ke tmpat len pulak.

1st2 skali tmpat yg ktorg tujui ialah Eiffel tower ler,ape lagik…when we reached the tower, there’re lots of people already, queuing up at the base of it. There’s sort of cable car that can go up to the peak and also stairs for whoever wants to climb by themselves. And what is sad bout it is that we couldn’t manage to go up there coz the queue is too long and it was like a twisting snake. Aiii rmainyer la org. x larat laa nk beratur tunggu lame2..

So eventually,juz take some pics from nearby.janji ade pics die kan. Tp kurg brnaseb baek sbb x dpt tgk time mlm. Boley la nk amek feeling “Eiffel I’m in love”.kui3. Yg lawaknyer si qayyim x sudah2 la die ckp “alaa ada pa ja pon…besi burok jaaa…takkn ang suka besi burok..kat mana2 boley carik besi burok..” (sy dok gelak2 dlm ati jer laa…mcm2 la bdk ni…da smpai tuh mmg adatnya kena amek gmbar…x gtu?last2 die nk brgmbar jugak..heh.)

Maka ble selesai snap2 gmbar dgn byknyer..trus la brjln lagik dan lagik sekitar paris city mncari supermarket dan kawasan2 yg menarik. Ktorg x breakfast lg time ni until we bought some breads,chips and tuna (kesian kan mkn ni jer). So after dat,ktorg p breakfast kat tmn dpn Eiffel tuh. Pastuh,dpt la tgk gelagat2 owg rmai kat situ. Mcm2 laa. Ade owg yg jual keychain secare haram. Bile polis brbasikal mai, trus lari nyorok. Patut la mase die offer keychains kat ktorg, arge die murah smcm. Adey laaa. Dan rmai matsalleh2 ni dok tanning kulit diorg bwh chaya matahari. Haaa mmg rmai la x brbaju. Dgn selambenye mereka2 itu. ktorg mnundukkn pandangan saje..tried not to look at ‘em. (matsalleh mmg x malu sbb diorg ni open-minded sgt)

...pintu masuk masjid paris...

Then,we moved to another place which is the mosque. Cari punya cari,tanye sane tanye sini,finally dpt jugak jejak kaki ke masjid tuh. Rs nyer time tuh cam da tawaf satu masjid dah,sbb pintu die susah beno nk ktorg maen pusing2 mncari pintu masuk. Huh.
Smpat ktorg solat jama’ taqdim kat situ and berehat sebentar.

...tman dlm masjid....

Lepas pade tuh, ktorg nk p ke arch de Puerto pulak. Ade ape kat situ? Alaaa ade satu binaan yg menarik jer laa. Arch ni trletak kat tgh2 roundabout. Yg penting dpt melihat seni binaan ngare owg. Mase ni dah nk mlm. Smentara nak g train station tuk train mlm tuh, ktorg siar2 jer laa skitar situ hirup udara paris. Cool sexy fresh air of paris..huhu..(saje merepek)

Well, rsnye tuh jer nk citer kali ni. Time kaseh bg sape2 yg mmbace.skadar brkongsi okay. Katenyer ‚’sharing is caring’ kan...nguah3.daa~