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Monday, March 30, 2009

d@u$ the eldest..happy birthday!

Hello guys! You know what?!’s daus’ birthday!!! *rolling3*wink3* happy birthday d@u$!!! Happy sweet 20 n_n *blink3* (wah over pulak ni)
It was a simple birthday surprise but kinda exciting for me. And of course I was like a cheerleader last night (12 at midnight). Yea, bring it on! “Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to daus… happy birthday to you..” lalala~
Started with an ambush into his room, together with a delightful, sweet chocolate cake in my hand, there was a birthday song being played. And as soon as I came in, he’s got blushing over his face. (Hahaha padan muke!) Gotcha!

After that, as usual, he made his wish and then we ate the chocolate cake together, had some pillow talks and took some nice pics.

He’d never have a birthday surprise before, and so, he acted like a freaking boy, kept saying “maluu..malu..trharunye ak…” and covered his blink2 braces with hands *gegegegege*. All I could do was, burst into laughter. Har3… so funny la daus…

Anyway, it was my idea to make the surprise and it was Manje who chose the cake. Sweet, isn’t it? Huhuhu… so I consider it as our birthday present for him.

Whatever it is…it was wonderful. May God bless you and we hope your dreams will come true. Happy birthday daus! Heee~


Blogger Belle said...

ingat akhawat ja yg wat macam nie.

romantik, romantik. *thumbs up*

May 2, 2009 at 1:38 PM  
Blogger pAiE~pErFeCtIoNiSt said...

bese la belle...
ak pon xmoh kalah jugak buat mende2 ni...haha
ak taw akhawat mmg suke buat surprise party..
seronok ler..

tq2 for compliment ^^

May 22, 2009 at 11:59 AM  

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